Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Epiphany

If you're ever feeling down, here's what you need to do. Despite the fact that your first instinct is to sit at home and stew, go to the home of a good friend who has a house full of guests who laugh a lot. Laugh along with them. Play crokinole. Play Uno. Eat enough appetizers for 12 people. Trust me, it works.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ramblings on a Tuesday

So, for it being the week of Christmas, it has started off as complete shat. Jamie is being just as thoughtless as usual. You'd think I'd get used to it after a years, but no. I have that big "L" on my forehead, you know. Plus, yesterday when I was doing my paperwork and completely not even paying attention to the world around me, I was treated to homophobic crap from two random d-bags passing my counter. I didn't give them the satisfaction of even looking up, but that sort of thing has a habit of happening just when I finally think it won't anymore, and when I'm already not exactly on the upswing of my overall mood cycles.

But it's Tuesday morning, and I'm off work today. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and mindlessly surfing the Internet and Facebook. Canada Post is in the process of bringing me two Oz books and (very excited very excited very excited!) my new mini laptop, my first-ever BRAND NEW computer that nobody but me has used. I have had an unexpected invitation to join my brother and his delightful new girlfriend for lunch. I will wrap presents later today. I will mail a package to a new friend, and await his response to the surprise inside. I will do a little bit of shopping.

The problems won't go away. Jamie will still be thoughtless, at least for the foreseeable future. I have no doubt of that. People will still say hurtful things to total strangers. And the efforts of my psychologist will work, but not overnight. There is a lot of pain ahead. But right now, at 10:07 on a Tuesday morning, life isn't too bad.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now I'm Nitpicking

I realize this is incredibly minor, and will probably make me the subject of ridicule to the, you know, TWO people who might see this. But it's my blog, and meaningless pet peeves are allowed.

Why must people refer to finger food as "appies?" Do they not realize they sound stupid? Do they not realize that we have an infinite number of syllables at our disposal and we don't need to conserve them will silly abbreviations? Do they not realize this "word" rhymes with a euphemism for diaper?

There. I am done.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cell Phone Rudeness

I have no serious issue with people using their cell phones in public. Isn't that the point of them? I myself merrily text and check e-mail as I walk through the mall, although I do make sure I watch where I'm going. I don't need to run headlong into some muffin-topped teenybopper as she texts without watching where she is going. And as long as people don't feel the need to yell, I see nothing wrong with making a call, providing you're not in a movie theatre or something.


Is it really too much to ask that you NOT stand there having some inane conversation about which parking meter to meet at while I'm trying to serve you in the store? Seriously. I have had customers come up to the counter, chattering away, point at a product, hand me a credit card, and sign the receipt without ever once saying a word to me. Clearly it is of such utmost importance that you find out what your friend Julie has been up to for the last week that you can't take the (literally) two minutes to grab your damned mascara, pay, say thank you, and leave without having the damn phone glued to your ear. I realize there is no consultation involved, and you know exactly what you want. But I am not a vending machine, and a little human courtesy is in order.

It's okay, though. We totally talk about you after you leave.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Honestly... it too much to ask people to make more of an effort when they go out in public? Pajama bottoms belong at home, people! I'm not saying that leaving your house for the mall or the supermarket requires getting dressed up. But you have to at least get dressed!!!!!

As with most visible symptoms of the obvious downfall of mankind (this whole slob thing is right up there with misuse of the apostrophe, in my books), there as been noticeable deterioration even within the problem. As if wearing pajama bottoms as pants when shopping weren't bad enough, the other day I saw some random chick in plaid pajama bottoms with a big honking rip down the front of one leg. Never mind that it's 30 below these days... she was wearing ripped loungewear in public!!!! What's next? A big skidmark down the back?

Gods nightgown, people. Have some pride in yourself.