Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unrealistic Aspirations

I often talk about the things I would do if I were ever in a position to build my "dream house." For the record, I do have a dream house. I saw the plans in a newspaper once, and loved them so much I ordered the book of house plans that contained them. If I ever could have a house built to my specifications, I'd pull out this book and that plan would be the jumping-off point.

That said, however, when one dreams it is fun to dream big, if not dream completely ridiculous. If money were no object, I could move beyond just the dream house?

Any home I inhabit will have, by necessity, a doll room. It's not really enough, one room, to house all my stuff, but it's better than nothing. But hey, if I'm going to dream ridiculous, why stop at a doll room? How about a house with a wing for toys? Better yet, my dream house could be housed on the same yard as the Jaye Andy Lehmann Museum of Whimsy (all rights to this name reserved), full of themed rooms and galleries for all my various toys and artwork and toy-related artwork.

I think I might have to put this idea to paper, complete with drawings.

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